City of Jay under water boil advisory after being hit by storm


The city of Jay is under a boil advisory after being hit by a tornado Wednesday night.

Jay’s water is pumped from Lake Eucha, so when the power was lost Wednesday night it’s water source became contaminated. Several agencies have donated bottles to help those in the community. This includes Cherokee Nation, several churches, as well as businesses. Jay’s mayor says the town could be under the boil order for the next 2 to 3 days and residents are looking for answers.

“There is no water whatsoever, so you know school’s out here already. So we have little kids at home some people one came up that had an infant, and elderly parent at home, so it is basic means of survival at this point,” says Shaunda Davis, Jay resident.

If you are interested in helping the city of Jay, the fire department is collecting bottled water to help those in need. 

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