City of Grove applies for funding to modernize city signage


The City of Grove is working to make some parts of town more visually appealing.

The city has submitted an application for a rural Economic Action Plan Grant worth more than $16,000. If they get approved, funds would help city leaders build a new sign at grove’s industrial park. They say it is in bad shape, so they want to update and modernize it.

One of the goals is to also add Grove’s new city logo to it.

“Every so often, you have to step back and look at those type of things that represent your community, branding logos, whatever you might call it, is important because it does get attention and what we’ve had we’ve had in place for a number of years,” explained Bill Keefer with the City of Grove.

If funding is given the green light, another goal is for all signage to reflect the new city logo along the main highways in town.

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