City Manager candidates focus on future tech


JOPLIN, Mo. — We continue our focus tonight on the four finalists who could become the next City Manager of Joplin.

Action 12’s Gretchen Bolander talked to them about how they view the Smart City Project, and what they see for Joplin’s future technology like fiber optic cable.

Shawn Henessee, Candidate, said, “Others that are going to provide that without the physical infrastructure needed. so that could potentially be a huge change. I think you’ve got to look at that utilizing your existing infrastructure as much as you can but not investing huge amounts of money if you’re going to be able to access that data in another way.”

Nick Edwards, Candidate, said, “Obviously the use of technology and data is going to help improve municipal services – and so I’ve got a little bit of experience working on those initiatives, but it’s phenomenal way to improve municipal services.”

Darin Chappell, Candidate, said, “I think it’s important for the city manager and whomever that might be to listen to the council and to the citizens and find out what it is that they want to see and the implementation and the process and programs that go along with it.”

Leonard Sossamon, Candidate, said, “From a smart perspective, one thing I did do and I understand joplin is gravitating in that direction. after talking to certain individuals is moving to online permitting instead of always having to fill out tons of paperwork – doing it so that you can do it online from your office.”

The four finalists are in town – the latest in a year long search for a new Joplin City Manager.

City leaders have not yet set a time frame to announce the hire.

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