City Manager candidates each share vision for Joplin


JOPLIN, Mo. — The search to find a new executive for the city of Joplin is now focused at City Hall.

The final four candidates are Darin Chappell and Nick Edwards, working in Chillicothe and Lee’s Summit, Missouri respectively.

Also, from the state of Washington, there’s also Shawn Henessee; along with Leonard Sossamon, currently working in Florida.

Each talked about what they see for the future in Joplin.

Darin Chappell, Candidate, said, “Let’s look for those areas of cultural identity and distinctiveness that makes Joplin absolutely unique. That we appreciate. That everybody wants to promote and use those things to advertise the city.”

Nick Edwards, Candidate, said, “I think Joplin is on the verge of a lot of growth and coming from a high growth community, I think I’ve got the experience to guide them through that growth – It’s remarkable the things that have changed, since the tornado and since I’ve moved away.”

Shawn Henessee, Candidate, said, “As you grow you’re going to have more demands for infrastructure, that’s one of the unfortunate side effects of growth; I think the downtown area has been success in many areas, but there’s many areas with potential for further improvement.”

Leonard Sossamon, Candidate, said, “A meth problem, heard about – so working with the Police Chief and Department on that as well as City Council. I know there’s a homeless situation, I’m not going to say it’s out of control by any means, so I’d like to work that.”

All four finalists are in town – a chance for them to see Joplin and for Joplin leaders to interview them in person.

They had a lot more to say about high tech options for the future – which will be touched upon in a follow-up article.

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