City Hall Madness

“We’re kicking of March Madness a little early,” explained Joplin City Manager Sam Anselm. 
But instead of basketball, it’s City Hall, specifically a contest to pick the best in the nation.  Joplin’s in the top 64, nominated by City Manager Sam Anselm
“I’m quite proud they picked this place. I think it’s a beautiful facility so I nominated Joplin City Hall and they chose us as one of the round of 64,” Anselm added.
The competition is both regional, think Kansas City and Wichita, and beyond like the Big Apple.
“Reno, Nevada; New York City; Philadelphia– a bunch of big cities, bunch of small cities out there as well,” said Anselm. 
National Group ELGL, or Engaging Local Government Leaders, is hosting the contest.  Anselm says it’s a fun was to highlight some unique government buildings around the country.
“Provide some education that we do have a fantastic city hall. I mean, walk around the first floor and we have paintings. We have the Thomas Hart Benton mural– a mural from his grandson. So, it’s just a neat place to stop and visit and learn a little bit more about Joplin’s history,” Anselm explained. 
Including the background of the building itself.
“It’s a wonderful reuse of the historic building that was the Newman Department Store,” explained Rob O’Brian of Joplin. 
Voting is live on the ELGL website this week.  If Joplin beats its competition, the Ramsey, Minnesota City Hall, it would move on to the field of 32 next week. To visit the website, click here.

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