Church and community members come together for “Breathe Together” event


JOPLIN, Mo. — With so much racial tension across the country and in our own backyard, church and community leaders in the Joplin area are coming together.

More than 100 people gathered on Main Street for a special citywide worship service.

Organizers say the event called “Breathe Together” is an opportunity for churches across the city to come together and display visible unity in the community.

After the service, attendees were invited to eat together and encouraged to converse with someone they’ve never met.

The goal: to build new relationships and coming together as one community.

Travis Hurley, Co-Organizer, says, “I know that we’re having some conversations about some potential forums or discussions, some town hall kind of events. We want to keep the conversation going so that our community can be well informed. More than that, we need to be building relationships. People see stuff like this go on and they go; I want to do something. There are no quick fixes, and if you don’t have relationships with people that are different from you, you’re not going to do anything that accomplishes anything.”

Hurley says during Monday night’s city council meeting an ordinance will be read about diversity and inclusion in the community followed by a silent walk from Joplin City Hall to the Central Christian Center.

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