Chlorine prices on the rise as Summer approaches


FOUR STATE AREA — Pool owners across the Four States may be in for quite a surprise when it’s time to open it that backyard oasis.

If you use these to keep your pool clean, expect to have to dig deeper into you pocket to pay for them, that is if you can find them.

Mike Goettel, Aquatics Director, Joplin Family Y, said, “It’s sparse and it’s expensive.”

Two factors have led to a shortage of chlorine tablets across the country.

“Several factors, one being when people were hunkered in during the pandemic, they built swimming pools, so there are more home pools now.”

The other being a recent fire at one of the country’s few tablet manufacturing plants in Louisiana – which won’t be open again until this time next year. Goettel says the shortage won’t affect the Joplin YMCA.

“Our pool runs on liquid chlorine, so this pool will not be affected, but our outdoor pool, we run the city pool in Carl Junction, Bulldog Beach, and it runs on solid chlorine, but luckily we’ve already bought that for the season, we’re stocked up.”

Usually by this time Shelly Taylor’s pool is open for the Summer, but cool temperatures and a lot of rain has pushed that back by a few weeks. She’s fortunate though, her pool can run off solid or liquid chlorine.

Shelly Taylor, Pool Owner, said, “I’m sure it will be more expensive once the tablets are gone possibly, we’re gonna have to use the liquid, so it’s always an expensive endeavor, to run the pool in the Summer.”

But other backyard pool owners may not be so fortunate, and may have to make an expensive adjustment on the type of chlorine product they use, and Goettel doesn’t suggest doing it yourself.

“So I wouldn’t try and switch your home system over, I would definitely call a pool company and have them do the switch for you, but around, I would say around or a little above two thousand dollar mark for a switch is what you’re looking at,” said Goettel.

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