Chiefs thank SEK Police Officer with special surprise


SOUTHEAST KANSAS — A Southeast Kansas Police Officer plays a role for the Kansas City Chiefs. He helps guard and set up hours before kick-off. And the Chiefs showed their gratitude–in a big way–after the Super Bowl win earlier this year. Something he never thought he’d get.

Officer Andrew Boyd PSU Police Dept., said, “It still, It means a lot.”

PSU Officer Andrew Boyd works security for the Kansas City Chiefs home games.

“I enjoy seeing the fans and the joy they get for those 3 or four hours they’re on site, knowing it took a 100 hours to get there.”

Officer Boyd’s love for law enforcement actually started in Southeast Kansas.

“Actually this department when I was a student at PSU started me in law enforcement.”

He found a passion for events.

“I’ve always wanted to, there’s always been kind of a love for the behind the scenes.”

But working events like Chief’s home games is a little different then campus life.

“There two completely different worlds, at campus they’re here to get an education to better themselves, yes they’re here to have their fun, but our game days are minute compared to up there up there it’s usually a blur, everything is so timed out.”

Officer Boyd takes pride in making an impact no matter where he’s working though.

“Something I always tell students is, If I’m not helping educate you then I’m failing as an employee of the university.”

He was working at PSU when he got an email to come to the stadium. So he got off work, in the middle of the night and drove to KC.

“I honestly didn’t think I’d get it because I know they have to stop that at some point.”

He was given a small box–inside.

“And I opened it and it was, it brought back all the emotion from the night we won the game.”

A Super Bowl 54 Championship Ring.

“Just knowing that I was able to get a piece of Kansas City history, it’s only happened twice and 50 years apart, I knew people who got the ring at sporting and it was cool, I knew people who got the ring at Kauffman when the royals won, and now to be the guy who has the ring from the Chiefs is…”

Back home at PSU–his Chief is just as happy for him.

Chief Stu Hite PSU Police Dept., said, “I know what I felt like as a Chiefs fan watching that happen after 50 years, So just extremely happy for him.”

And the experience Officer Boyd brings back home is invaluable for PSU Police.

“Coming from a venue the size of Arrowhead Stadium and being able to bring some of the experiences he obtains from working up there for the Chiefs organization is nothing but an asset for us.”

Chief Hite is inspired by the Chiefs organization.

“I’d tip my hat to them, to do something like that for your employees, and it makes all employers strive to be have that much gratitude for an employee.”

How jealous is Chief Hite that Office Boyd has a ring?

“Well it’s all about things that you earn and deserve, I wouldn’t say jealous, just happy, if he wants to let me wear it for a couple of months I’d do it.”

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