Cherokee County zones in on slowing spread of disease


CHEROKEE COUNTY, Okla. — Coronavirus is changing the way law enforcement and first responders are approaching their calls for service.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office is screening anyone that is taken into custody before they enter the jail.

That means they are asking for recent areas individuals may have visited that could have a coronavirus outbreak, as well as taking their temperature.

As far as the jail, they sanitizing commonly used areas more frequently and encouraging visitors to use their video conferencing system to meet with inmates.

A task force has been assembled by the county to ensure all agencies are working to prevent spreading the illness.

Sheriff David Groves, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, said, “And we work together regularly, we’ve been meeting daily for the past week or so regarding this situation, so we have a cohesive team that’s not, we’re not getting to know each other for the first time in a high-stress situation. We regularly plan for high-stress situations so should they come up we’re better prepared to handle them.”

Sheriff Groves adds if you make 911 calls during this time, ensure to tell dispatch if you or anyone around you are experiencing covid-19 symptoms.

This way first responders can protect themselves from illness and arrive equipped to give you care.

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