COLUMBUS, Kans. — Cherokee County commissioners hold a public meeting to hear *more* of what folks have to say about a potential wind farm project.

The meeting took place Monday night at the County Courthouse in Columbus. That’s where residents also had the opportunity to hear from Neosho County officials about their experiences with a windfarm that’s already in operation there.

Cherokee County Commission Board Chair, Cory Moates, says the meeting is just as important for fellow commissioners, as it is for residents.

“There’s lots of pros and there’s lots of cons, and the thing is, the people put us in a position to protect them, and right now that is our main objective: To make sure we protect the citizens of Cherokee County,” says Moates.

The Cherokee County Commission Board will continue to receive input from residents during future public meetings.

More than one hundred residents showed up at Monday night’s meeting. Afterward, we spoke to several of them – asking each one the same question: Did this meeting change or reinforce your opinion about the possible construction and operation of a wind farm in Cherokee County? Hear their responses in the video below…