Cherokee County passes resolution aimed at protecting gun rights


CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ks. — Residents right to own a gun in Cherokee County is now protected.

Why is this something they wanted to do?

The county has watched other states deal with, what they say, is too much government interference.

To get ahead of the curve the county decided to pass a second amendment preservation resolution.

Kyle Rennie, Cherokee County Clerk, said, “Well I stand on what the constitution says, I believe we have the right to keep and bear arms and that shall not be infringed”

To make sure Cherokee County citizens rights are protected– they passed the 2nd Amendment Preservation Resolution.

“We’ve been having a lot of feedback from people in the county wanting something like this passed. It protect these citizens of Cherokee County from state and federal authorities from coming in here unlawfully and trying to enforce unconstitutional laws.”

It’s legal protection.

“If the federal government decided they wanted to confiscate ammunition, firearm accessories, and firearms we have authority that we can resist that.”

Cherokee County is one of the few counties in the sunflower state to pass a resolution like this.

“Were seeing a situation out in Virginia where the state is trying to enact laws that are unconstitutional and nearly every county in the state of Virginia has passed a resolution to protect themselves from that. Were taking a stand if something like that would happen here.”

Rennie says there was a little resistance to the resolution.

“The Democratic party here in Cherokee County they do not oppose the right to keep and bear arms what they did oppose to this resolution they thought it was giving the local authorities here too much power here to resist the state and federal government.”

This resolution is now getting statewide attention–Rennie has gotten calls from city governments across the area.

They want to know how they can implement similar changes where they live.

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