Cherokee County officials clarify one resigned candidate will remain on the ballot due to a missed deadline


CHEROKEE COUNTY, Kans. — The November election is less than a month away and Cherokee County officials want to make sure every vote counts.

There’s been confusion concerning the Baxter Springs School Board election. Thomas Deringer — who had been seeking re-election — recently resigned from the board, and withdrew his name from the race.

The problem is, he missed the June first deadline — so his name will remain on the ballot. Votes can still be cast for Deringer.

If he chooses not to take the seat, the board will then appoint someone else. The only other candidate running is Casey Eaton. But election officials say voters will be asked to vote for three people.

“You can write in three people for the vacancies, you can vote for two people and one write-in, two write-ins and one person, as long as you’re voting for three people or fewer,” said Jacque Perry, Cherokee County Deputy Clerk.

Voters can see a sample ballot at the Cherokee County Courthouse. The Baxter Springs School Board will hold a meeting Monday night at 6 to discuss filling Deringer’s vacant seat for the remainder of his term — which ends December 31st.

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