BAXTER SPRINGS, Ks. — Pulled pork BBQ sandwiches were the source of a good cause Saturday.

The Baxter Springs Police Department and Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office held the annual Back the Badge Fundraiser outside of American Bank. The group planned to feed 1,000 people.

Saturday’s menu included pulled pork sandwiches, chips and drinks.

This event helps fund all the necessary equipment for reserve police officers, who completely volunteer their time serving the community.

Without fundraisers like these, reserve officers have to pay for their own uniforms and equipment.

“These reserve officers, the men and women who serve in our reserve departments, they’re volunteers, they’re active members of the community, they want to give back and help out in way that they can,” said David Groves, Cherokee County Sheriff.

“To be able to communicate with the people they serve and the people actually get to meet the people that volunteer their time away from their families to help better their communities,” said Cory Moates, Commander, Cherokee County Reserves.

Law enforcement agents also took the time to recognize the reserve police officers and their service.