BAXTER SPRINGS, Kans. — The Baxter Springs Police Department has been going through a lot of changes, but one of those is a big first for the agency.

“It’s a great resource for us to have that a lot of agencies don’t have,” said Brian Henderson, Baxter Springs Chief of Police.

The Baxter Springs Police Department has just added a new member to its team.

“A dutch shepherd named Neagan. Our K9 is trained in narcotics detection, handler protection, suspect apprehension, and tracking. We’re grateful for many donations that were made to help us fund this,” said Henderson.

In fact, the entire cost of Neagan was made possible by donations throughout the community.

“A lot of the donors want to remain anonymous that have donated towards the cost of the dog, towards equipment and towards funding for the future needs of the K9,” said Henderson.

A big force behind the K9 program came from the former Police Department Chief Russ Harper and Neagan’s eventual handler.

“I knew that the agency had been wanting a dog, and we got the blessing from the city council to begin the program so I started looking for a dog. He’s really good at what he does so I’m just kind of there, but it feels good to be able to go and assist other agencies find narcotics,” said Seth Brown, K9 Patrol Officer.

Neagan has already taken to the streets, helping out other departments with cases throughout Cherokee County.

“A felony arrest was made where a suspect fled from a car and the suspect would not have been located had it not been for the dog. Knowing that the community supports us and works with us, and we want to support our community, work with our community, it builds a bond that is just something wonderful,” said Henderson.