CHCSEK unveils new dental clinic


SOUTHEAST KANSAS — The Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas opened a brand new location for their dental practice in Pittsburg.

Makenna Payne, Pediatric Dental Assistant, said, “There are a lot of pros to this, we got a lot of new things, and I think it’s going to be great for a lot of the new patients as well.”

The Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas is welcoming their new and improved dental location.

Jason Wesco, CHCSEK Executive Vice President, said, “We’ve got some upgraded technology, some of the equipment we have we’ve been using for about eight or 10 years, so we upgraded all of our technology in this building.”

“Not only do we have general services, we have specialty care that people may not find anywhere else in Kansas.”

Now located on their main campus in Pittsburg, the dental facility will be near other medical practices CHCSEK offers.

“Well because the mouth is part of the body and often times in America when we access healthcare, we access dental care over here, medical health over here and behavioral health over there and what we know is that we are one integrated person right? So why not provide all the services we need in one place.”

This also means the community will have more convenient access to healthcare, which is something rural communities struggle with. Often times to access health services, families are required to travel long distances.

“We hope it means that people can make one trip and get access to multiple services right, because they’re taking time off work, they’re taking time out of school, all those sorts of things, our goal is like it would be anywhere else, to make sure people have what they need, when they need it and they can get it affordably.”

Changing the game for their community, by centralizing their resources, a new one stop shop of health services is being created.

“The integrated care here is going to be amazing, there are so many things we can do from behavioral health to OB addiction treatment and then we throw dental in the mix and all that, it’s great to be able to help people with everything that we need and we can do that here,” said Payne.

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