Charities see drop in donations this year which they attribute to many factors


JOPLIN, Mo. — Many charities across the U.S. As well as some here in the Four States took a hit this year when it came to donations.

There could be a couple of reasons why.

Dropping donations levels could be tied to the U.S. Tax, prompted by the Trump administration last year.

Duane Dreiling is the head of the local United Way says there’s no question it impacted the bottom line.

Duane Dreiling, United Way SW Missouri & SE Kansas, said, “We couldn’t do the things we do in our community without some of our larger donors, um but that’s where you will see some of that, you know they don’t get the same tax benefit that they would have prior to the changes in the tax code.”

Another possible explanation for the decline in giving could be generational.

Some reports say millennials, for example, don’t give as much as previous generations, in part because of the debt they’ve incurred from higher education.

But Mychell Davis says young people serve their communities in other ways.

Mychell Davis, MSSU Student, said, “A lot of kids, they volunteer at schools and homeless shelters and give out food and things like that.”

And Dr. Jeffrey Zimmerman with Missouri Southern thinks that will evolve with time.

Dr. Jeffrey Zimmerman, Robert W. Plaster School of Business, said, “Young people are always involved when we clean up places, when we run Christmas toy drives, food, food drives, anything that you need, young people gather and help but I kind of think that they look to the older generations to finance it, and that’s that’s o.k., they’ll have their turn.”

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