Charges are filed against a southeast Kansas Sheriff

montgomery county sheriff_1551822401806.jpg.jpg

Montgomery County Sheriff Robert Dierks says he has nothing to hide after charges are filed against him.

Charges of Intimidation of a Witness by Preventing Testimony and Interference with a Law Enforcement Officer by Attempting to Conceal, Alter, or Destroy Evidence were filed against Dierks by Shawnee County Prosecutor Todd Hiatt.
Hiatt was appointed by the Montgomery County Attorney to investigate the case.
The charges allege that Dierks attempted to obstruct a deputy in the course of a misdemeanor investigation.
Dierks tells us he is ready for the matter to play out in court.
In a statement to his deputies Dierks said, “Please continue to conduct business as usual and let me take care of the politics. I have nothing to hide, and will have my day in court.”
The Sheriff is expected in court tomorrow at 1:30pm in Independence.

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