“Character Challenge” strives to provide at-risk youth with positive role models


Making sure kids grow up in a stable enviorment with good role models is the goal of a program in Joplin.

It’s called “Character Challenge” and works to prevent kids from ending up in the juvenile justice system.

The author is Joplin Licensed Professional Counselor Mark Liston. Liston came up with the program back in 2005. He was the guest speaker at the Joplin Kiwanis Club and he explained to them how the program works and how widespread it now is.

“It’s in 33 states and about seven foreign countries now,” Liston explained. “Our biggest challenge now is continuing to keep up with the demand to get that out in a way of scale that we can put it online, Character Challenge is online now, but we need to get it on an app–that’s our next step.”

Liston says an adult version of the “Character Challenge” program will be coming out soon.

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