Change to Jeremy’s Creek show Lamar pride


LAMAR, Mo. —

The recent new ownership and renaming of the Lamar Country Club has brought a lot of attention in Lamar.

Life-long Lamar resident Jerry Marti purchased the course and took over earlier this month and opened it to the public. He and his business partner decided to rename the course Jeremy’s Creek in honor of Jerry’s son Jeremy. And while much about the course will stay the same, there is definitely one change that show’s Lamar pride.

“Most golf courses number their golf carts. Well, we did too but we chose to do it with state championship rings. We have 12 carts in our inventory and we have 12 state championships and so the golf carts are adorned with state championship rings.”

Jerry Marti, Jeremy’s Creek Owner

The rings signify the state titles won by all sports at Lamar High School including football, track and field, and cross country.

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