CFI honors seven best drivers of 2019


JOPLIN, Mo. — An area trucking company honors their employees for being safe on the road.

Seven drivers for CFI Have been selected for the honor and receive driver of the year jackets, a certificate, and a monetary bonus.

He says some of the drivers honored today have driven nearly four million miles for the company.

Greg Orr, CFI President, said, “Every year we go through and have drivers of the month, drivers of the quarter, and as we go through the 12 month period we look at who are our top professional drivers of the year and we recognized all those folks today.”

Orr says there are over ten different criteria they look at in addition to safety.

They include on time arrival, best miles to the gallon and how drivers represent the company.

Contractor team of the year was Art and Cyndi George.

Contractor driver of the year was Joe Gonzales.

Company driver of the year was Rene Ibarra.

Company team of the year was Felipe Chapina and Rene Tavarez.

Regional driver of the year was Jose Acosta.

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