GIRARD, Ks. — A century-long summer tradition was back in full force in Southeast Kansas.

This week the 106th Crawford County fair” returned to Girard.

Since Wednesday the fairgrounds have been full of 4-H and community members showing off their livestock and other projects, like photography or clothes they’ve constructed.

Tina Oehme with Crawford County K-State and Extension Office has been helping out at the fair for the past decade, and says it has been a summer staple for the community.

“It’s awesome, I love it, this is like my favorite time of year. It’s busy but we just get to come out and look at what all the 4-H’ers have done all through the years. And we have the 4-H ice cream that has been around for probably as long as the fair has been around, and it’s homemade ice cream so a lot of people come out to the fair just for the ice cream. So many people in the community just take off the whole week of work just to be out here, so it’s really neat to have a big community like this and have everybody get together,” says Tina Oehme, Crawford County K-State Research And Extension.

Everything will be coming to an end Saturday with a Power Wheels Demolition Derby.