Cell phone hacks for a safe Halloween night


JOPLIN, Mo.–Kids think only of candy on Halloween night, while parents think only of the safety of those trick-or-treaters.

You may not realize it, but there are several built-in, or easy added, safety features on cell phones that can help the night go off without a hitch. U.S. Cellular sales manager Christina Erdman says they range from the flashlight setting on cell phones that light the way as they go from house to house, to apps that can tell you exactly where your kids are at every minute while they’re away from you.

“Family Share and tracking through Find My Friends or Find My Phone–those are the two apps we really suggest using for geo location,” Erdman explained. “You can also get alerts through Life 360 when your circle or a member of your circle goes the parameter you’ve pre-set for them.”

And, if you’ve never used apps like those, she says they are a great way to keep track of your kids all the time.

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