More and more women are taking leadership positions at our local capitols.

Although they commit to spending time away from their families, life doesn’t stop for them. In fact, there’s a mother/lawmaker in Iowa who brought a bit of home with her.

As winter drags on in the Capitol City, lawmakers under the Golden Dome are busy at work.

Each with their own set of priorities, but there’s one member of the Iowa House who has a few more things on her mind.

Representative Megan Jones arrives to the Statehouse before 7:30 every morning.

Considering the precious cargo she has in tow, she travels rather light and quickly.

Inside this carrier, you’ll find a tiny, three week old, bundle of joy, Alma. Jones says, “These moments are so precious and they’re only little for so long.”

No matter your title, she says, “I think these things can operate together.”

So, she takes Alma with her everywhere.

That includes committee meetings and into the chamber.

Rep. Jones explains, “We have a Rock ‘N Play on the House floor with us, probably unprecidented and probably not in line with protocol.”

It’s not always easy. Jones says, “So, it’s physically exhausting, it’s always mentally exhausting.”
But, she has an incredible support system that she can lean on when she needs it most, saying, “At the drop of a hat a lot of people picked up when I couldnt be here.”

Rep. Jones says she’s just doing what she has to.

She explains, “I think there’s a lot of moms in similar siturations, small business owners, they’re doing the same thing.”

She’s also breaking down barriers for young ones, like Alma.

“That’s not really what I set out to do, but I hope that if our journey inspires other people, then that’s wonderful. But we’re just trying to do what we’ve got to do to raise a family and keep both of us employed.”

And that’s something people from across the political spectrum support.

One politician says, “You know, I hope more women see Megan as a role model and know you can do this job and have babies and it’s okay.”