JOPLIN, Mo. — At some point, every homeowner requires at least some type of home repair.

And one new area contractor can fix what’s broken around the house and rebuild lives at the same time.

A ribbon cutting was held for a company called Purpose Home Repair and Plumbing.

It’s a service offered through Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri.

But homeowners aren’t the only ones that will benefit from the work being done.

John Lunardini, Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri, said, “That what you’re doing will create an impact, because that impact is going to lead to low income people with high barriers to employment gain gainful employment.”

Paul Coroleuski, Purpose Home Repair & Plumbing, said, “All of our proceeds and funding from our business will go back to our on the job training programs uh trying to get guys out of poverty and into a good opportunity to uh to advance themselves into the construction fields.”

The event was held outside the newest house build by Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri.

Members of the construction company helped to build the home.

The company will operate throughout Southwest Missouri and is licensed and bonded.

For more information, you can call 417-414-4542.