Cassville Missouri SuperMileage Challenge team gets ready


Students in a southwest Missouri school district are using what they have learned in class to build a better car.

Twenty-six students in the industrial technology class at Cassville High School are working on constructing a fuel efficient vehicle. They are entering that car in the Missouri Supermileage Challenge next month. The competition sees high school and junior high school students from across the state test cars in a ten lap run on a course to see which car is the most fuel efficient. While the students admit it has been a fun project, instructors say it has also helped reinforce lessons learned in the classroom.

“High school kids will say a lot of times science is boring, or math is boring, but I can be doing something here and say, ‘isn’t this what you just covered in science?,'” says industrial technology instructor Marcus Reynolds.

“I’ve definitely learned a lot of skills that are definitely useful in a lot of classes, and in and out of school,” says senior Samule Holman.

The students will be heading to Warrensburg, MO at a highway patrol test track at the University of Central Missouri on April 16. This will be the second year the team has entered the competition. They say they are hoping to build on last year’s fourth place finish.

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