Cassville alum leaves $1 million gift to district


A retired teacher and graduate of the Cassville school district leaves a gift of $1 million for future teachers.

Late last year, the district was contacted by attorneys representing the estate of JD Riddle. Riddle was a 1942 graduate of Cassville, who went on to teach agriculture. He left the district $1 million to be used for scholarships for Cassville students wanting to pursue a career in teaching. Teachers say this can help ease the burden of debt many graduating teachers face, and help them focus on getting their degree. They say the gift is even more special, because of who it came from.

“He understands the dynamics of Cassville, he understands the importance of education, and I think it is very special coming from someone not only who is from Cassville, but a teacher,” says kindergarten teacher Victoria LeCompte.

District administrators say they are still working with Riddle’s estate to finalize the scholarship program. They are hoping to award the first scholarship at the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

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