Cash Mob


A flash mob is a large group of people that assemble quickly in a location, perform a task, and then quickly disperse. An area Chamber of Commerce has come up with a business version of that concept.

It’s called a cash mob, and a Webb City business was the location of the first one of its kind. The goal, have a large number of Chamber members show up, and infuse some of their cash into the recipient business.

“Even if we get ten people to come and spend $20 dollars, that’s a two hundred dollar extra boost for them that day that month, it kind of gives people to kind of gather around and network, so I think even a little bit so I’m happy with the first turnout,” says Gwen Allen, Webb City Area Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director.

In this case, Peace Frogs. Store owner Donna Martin says it worked out perfectly because her business has only been open for a few months and some of the “mobbers” had never been there before.

“Advertising is the key to getting a new business off the ground and the more involvement you have with the community and them telling their co-workers and their friends and family, that’s how word gets out. So I think whoever came up with this idea at the Chamber, it’s just kudos to them, it’s an awesome idea,” says Donna Martin.

This is the very first cash mob for the Webb City Chamber of Commerce but it won’t be the last, in fact they plan on holding one each month.

“Because that’s that’s why businesses join the Chamber is to you know is to make those network connections and to meet the other business owners in the community and to support each other is all part of it,” says Martin.

In fact, she is also a member of two other Chambers of Commerce, Carl Junction and Joplin.

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