CASA highlights Child Abuse Prevention Month


MIAMI, Ok. — A local organization is bringing awareness to its community during Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Melissa Barnes CASA Marketing and Resource Development Coordinator, said, “So here’s a doll that that we have dressed that you know we are going into Summer so we thought let’s put a bathing suit on her.”

CASA of Northeast Oklahoma is starting the Paperdoll Project that features child shaped wooden dolls who have experienced neglect.

“Businesses community members churches, civic groups are sponsoring or fostering a paper doll through the month of April. And so what they will do is dress the doll and keep it in their place of business or home or where ever for the month of April.”

At the end of the month, all the dolls will be displayed at the courthouse.

“It was just our way to bring awareness like these are these are just our most precious members of our community and so it was just a way to get- get the community involved.”

After being displayed at the court house, the clothes on the dolls will be given to a child in need.

“These–these paper dolls do not represent the depth of the situation obviously we speak for abused and neglect to children and that’s pretty serious, but these dolls will help bring awareness.”

So far they have sold 70 dolls. They even have a sponsor package for business to buy dolls, ranking frim bronze, silver, and gold.

Ethel Cook, Ottawa Tribe Chief, said, “I think over the time we’ve kinda- if we don’t make it a attention to it it comes an everyday thing and we forget and so I think it’s so important to keep it out there and make it known and get the communities involved so that we don’t get so busy in our lives and forget these little children.”

So far they raised over $10,000. Their goal was $10,000 and donations keep coming in.

“It’s so exciting that where everybody has stepped up and say yeah I want to do this and understand that it’s such an important issue.”

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