Carving Out Kindness


CARL JUNCTION, Mo. — Carving out kindness is a new way to make classrooms a kinder place in Carl Junction.

Susan Hogard, Science Teacher, said, “As a building and as a district we know there is always room to promote kindness and to be better.”

Once a week Carl Junction students are focusing on promoting kindness. It’s an effort to train their brains to be more kind to one another. Faculty and students created a bulletin board with positive and empowering words to brighten someone’s day.

“I love it. And I mean personally I see a difference just in kids, if a student is coming into the building and if someone says good morning to them then they are making more eye contact and and they’re actually saying good morning. You see students holding doors open for people you see them, instead of walking between people having a conversation that they stop and they realize that they need to walk around them.”

The Bulldog Block home room creates new activities like breathing exercises that teaches kids to stop and breathe before acting out in anger and think more out of kindness.

“And some of the kids even after the activities you wonder if they got anything out of a quick 20 minute activity they will come to the next class and be talking about the activity, so you know that, you know they may not have heard the whole thing but they got something from it.”

Teachers believe it has made a positive impact on students mental health and teaching them how it affects their brains.

Natalee Crowder, 8th Grade Student, said, “The activities have been really fun and they’ve helped me understand more things like kindness and things and actually one of my favorite ones is one where it was a play-doh model of a brain and every time you memorize something or told something it makes an indention in your brain.”

With National Day of Kindness in November, students will be sending out thank you cards and Christmas cards to the men and women serving in the military.

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