Carthage students use math and science to build arcade games


Middle school students build their own arcade games to reinforce science and math topics.

Carthage Intermediate 5th grade students held epic presentations, demonstrating their own arcade games. Partnering with Chuck E. Cheese, students learned how games were built and the science and math that goes into making them work. And after spending 15 to 20 hours on their projects, students let others test out their games.

“As an educator I always want my students to be lifelong learners and to have a passion and I want them to understand that learning is so much fun. It’s not just sitting at our desks and doing school work, that it’s all around us, so it makes me excited to see my students so excited about math and science,” says 5th Grade Science, Math, Epic Teacher Laura Watson.

At the end of the presentations, students who had the best working games earned trophies for their hard work.

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