Carthage schools are focusing on the classroom


CARTHAGE, Mo. — A Southwest Missouri school district is putting a renewed focus on the classroom.

Jana Sawyer, Carthage Lang Development Director said, “We’ve got the language of science, the language of math, social studies, just all types of instructional language. When you change classes, the demands of that classroom change academically.”

Different kinds of language which can be tough for students to comprehend.

Add to that the range of students challenges in the classroom.

Mark Baker, Carthage Superintendent said, “Some with limited English proficiency and others that are gifted. Our teachers really get stretched to get all kids to be successful.”

So, the district plans to provide more support to classroom teachers – and add more teachers for English learners.

“We have to start recruiting more try to find incentives for Spanish speakers to come to our district but at the same time they have to be high quality educators.”

The goal is the best education for each students, a target that can be hard to define.

“And it doesn’t always mean we’re going to have high test scores because every situation is different. We strive for excellence but at the same time it is very difficult. We have to be sure, certain we focus and keep pushing what’s best for kids.”

District leaders add efforts will refocus on students in the younger grades.

It also highlights fine-tuning help to each school building depending on individual needs.

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