Carthage School District implements new program to improve care for at-risk students


A local school district is using a new program to help students going through tough times.

It’s called “Handle with Care” and it’s a way for Carthage school leaders to identify kids who need some extra attention.

Carthage police and Jasper County deputies email school principals with a student’s name and the phrase “Handle with Care.” While there are no details given, it lets them know a student has been involved in a potentially traumatic situation.

“Sometimes don’t know what a first grader goes through when they leave school at 3:10, what they’re having to deal with at home, or how their home life is,” explained Assistant Superintendent Gregg Wolf. “You try to make school a safe place and if we can just be there for them, an extra support system.”

The “Handle with Care” program is modeled after a similar initiative in Oklahoma.

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