Carthage School District approved for funding of a new career readiness program


CARTHAGE, Mo. — The Carthage School District is on a short-list of schools in the state to kick-off a program focusing on what happens after graduation.

Carthage High School has been approved for the first round of funding through the “Missouri Postsecondary Advising Initiative.” a portion of $135,000 will be used to hire a new staff member, focused solely on helping juniors and seniors get ready for college or a career.

“The pandemic has had a nationwide decline in college enrollment. And um a high unemployment rate. And this position that was awarded through the grant is going to specifically work with high school seniors, and juniors coming up, to make sure they’re on track,” said Holley Goodnight, CTC Director.

School districts in McDonald County and Golden City are also part of the initiative. The project focuses on rural schools and aims to eventually include up to 135 school districts.

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