Carthage PD sees decrease in crime almost across the board for 2019


CARTHAGE, Mo. — A southwest Missouri police department is seeing a drop in crime almost across the board.

The Carthage Police Department is showing a 25% decrease in its year-end report for 2019. That covers violent crime like murder and robbery as well as property crime like arson and fraud.

Auto theft was the only increase for the year, growing from 48 cases to 59.

Carthage Police Department Officer Chad Dininger says “I will say we recovered almost every one of those vehicles through the investigations, which led to arrests and warrants.”

Carthage made about 1,100 arrests last year, and had to use force in just three of those cases.

They also saw a big jump in calls for service, up by more than six thousand calls to a total of 34,134 in 2019.

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