Carthage park receives makeover


CARTHAGE, Mo. — A local park is getting a transformation.

As if a picturesque Fall day isn’t enough of an incentive to visit local green spaces like Griggs Park in Carthage, now there are even more reasons. One of which is a sport growing each year in popularity called pickleball. Where there once were two tennis courts, there are now eight pickleball courts.

Mark Peterson, Parks & Recreation Director, said, “Well there’s been a much higher demand for Pickleball over the last several years, it hits a demographic in Carthage that is requesting that as an activity, so the conversion of tennis to Pickleball our here seemed to be the right time to do it.”

Another new addition is a raised bed community garden that next spring will available to groups for the bargain basement price of $20, and that’s just to pay the cost of watering.

The goal is to have something in this park to appeal to every member of the family.

In the near future, new and improved playground equipment in the park. So who’s footing the bill for all these changes? The Carthage Community Foundation.

Heather Collier, Carthage Community Foundation Coordinator, said, “It’s really a three year initiative to increase education, to increase opportunities like this garden to encourage people to eat more healthily in our community and to get our citizens out moving more and create more opportunities for them to move more in our city.”

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