Carthage Library closed due to water damage


CARTHAGE, Mo. — An area library is closed again, but this time it has nothing to do with the coronavirus.

The Carthage Library has been closed twice this year.

Once when the pandemic first struck the country, and then again recently due to the huge rise in cases in Carthage.

It was supposed to reopen for curbside service Monday morning, but two sprinklers in the attic of the original part of the building changed that.

Roger Williams, Carthage Fire Chief, said, “We did get an alarm system call in the building and made our way over to the building, had a little issue getting into the building but once we did we were able to get the water shut off and at that point we had to do what we could to contain water form spreading into the building”

But Library Director Julie Yockey says although the damage is extensive, she’s been inspired by the men who arrived on the scene Sunday night at about 20 minutes after ten.

Julie Yockey, Director, Carthage Library, said, “They were here when I got here and stayed and did a tremendous amount of work that they probably wouldn’t have to do, they mopped and squeegeed and moved furniture they just helped in every way possible, they were here till the wee hours of the morning with us, we just love them and appreciate them.”

It’s not clear what caused the sprinklers to kick on even though there was no fire.

And it’s too early to determine how much damage was done to the original part of the library, which dates back to 1905, as well as the rotunda itself, which was just restored a few years ago.

Youckey says the building is closed to the public but she says the Summer reading program, story time and stem activities will go on Tuesday as planned inside the nearby park.

“What we want our patrons to know is that that as soon as we can, we’re going to open up for curbside, they need to watch Facebook and social media and our website.”

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