Carthage Humane Society is at full capacity, and they’re in need of supplies because of it


CARTHAGE, MO – It’s not just Joplin Humane Society that is at capacity right now.

At the Carthage Humane Society, there’s a dog or cat in every cage, and the hope is to connect those future pets to a good home.

“Things are full, very full at the shelter right now.” Says Renay Minshew, Carthage Humane Society.

And Interim, Director Renay Minshew points out that means not only 177 animals at the Carthage Humane Society, but even more in their foster program.

“We really appreciate our foster parents, they, they are a huge help to us.” Says Minshew.

She says kitten season is making up a lot of those numbers, so volunteers are playing a big role in getting them ready for adoption.

Sometimes we get in the feral mama cats and their babies have not been socialized and also we have to work, have them work with people so that they understand that they’re there to love them and not, not a threat to them.

“You know just emergency situations only and we’re always willing to listen to any, you know requests that come in to us and we do the best we can.” Says Minshew.

Minshew adds that a full shelter means a big demand for supplies. That could be cleaning supplies and pet toys. But right now that’s especially paper towels, cat food and kitty litter.

“We use 150 pounds of cat litter, a week, we go through 60 rolls of paper cows and 700 pairs of disposable gloves, just the little things that we use every week, are a huge expense for us.” Says Minshew.

They will also take cash donations… With plenty of options to connect with donors.

“We’re on PayPal we’re on Venmo, you can call in at credit card donation, and we can put it on your credit card, you can mail it 13860 Dunkin Alain Carthage, we’re always glad to get those donations in the mail.” Says Minshew.

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