Carthage Humane Society full due to extreme cold


CARTHAGE, Mo. — With winter weather hitting the Four States area at a rapid rate, one local humane society has taken in a lot of dogs, saving them from the cold, due to this they have run out of space.

Teresa Smith, Carthage Humane Society, Executive Director, said, “Adoption is always our ultimate goal.”

The Carthage Humane Society can hold up to around 200 dogs and cats, but now they are limited to the amount of dogs they can bring in.

“We have adoption dogs and we have dogs that are on medical hold, or they are waiting to be spayed or neutered. We’re asking for foster for our dogs that are ready to be adopted, so we can bring in more off the streets through these cold days.”

While the shelter wants to bring in more animals off the cold streets, Smith says there has been instances where dogs have been illegally dropped off.

“It is below thirty digress, they drive up on our property, and they put them in the outside kinnels.”

Left for dead. Right behind me is where two puppies found themselves laying for 14 straight hours on the cold hard ground until the Carthage Humane Society found them the next day.

“The Missouri law says that you have to provide water, food and shelter, appropriate shelter.”

Not only is it the law, but Smith says an act like this is menacing.

“It’s very very dangerous to put a animal in an outside kinnel like that. Number one it does not have water, food or something to lay on.”

While this drop off was in-humane, Smith adds they can find a permanent home.

“We have too many dog lovers and cat lovers out there. Make a place for them.”

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