Carthage Humane Society director encourages people to download pet locator app


The Carthage Humane Society director is encouraging people to download an app that uses the latest technology to find lost animals.

Finding Rover is an app for your phone that can help find animals that have gotten away from their owner. When a person takes a picture of their animal and uploads it to the Finding Rover database, the software uses a 130 point facial recognition for identification. And this goes the other way, meaning if someone finds an animal and uploads its picture looking for the rightful owner.

“If you see an animal and if you upload it, what it does is it reaches shelters, rescues, individuals that have posted on there to say ‘I’ve lost Fido, and here he is in St. Louis and here’s the contact information,’” says Deborah Bell, Carthage Humane Society director.

The Carthage Humane Society director says this app does not replace a microchip. She says animals should always be chipped, so local animal control officers can get the owner’s information immediately.

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