Carthage High School Annual Archery Tournament


Twenty six teams filled with more than 800 students from the Four State Area competed showing off their skills. 
   Participants took 30 total shots each one worth 10 different meters. 
   The top scorers advanced to a shootoff and in each division the top 5 shooters were awarded. 
” It’s not simple it’s complicated and that’s what’s fun about it it’s a challenge to get better you can beat yourself each time.” said Sawyer Patrick, Carthage Archery Team

” For archery basically you don’t have to be the typical athelete its available to everybody we have kids that may be in wheelchairs or disabilities that are able to compete.” said Caleb Patrick, Head Archery Coach Carthage High School 

   Patrick says next year they are hoping to hold the event in Carthage High School’s new student activity center. 
   The team also hopes to add a 3D portion of the competition. 

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