Carthage community struck with softball field gear theft and other incidents


The Carthage community is experiencing several petty theft incidents, including gear from the softball field shed.

This has been happening over the last few months, cases including car, storage units, and one softball field. The incident happened over the weekend, and has created several hundred dollars of damages for the carthage adult softball league.

“Just it kind of sets me back; like I said I’m putting all the time and money into the field, getting it ready for the spring and it pulls my time away from getting what I need to get done to repair the stuff, it just kind of makes you mad,” says Jonathan Goolsby.

Jonathan Goolsby came by the field Monday morning when he noticed someone had broken into the property. 

“So, I pulled in and I noticed both gates were bent completely back where people can get through. After I went into the shed I realized that somebody had stole- I had some softball equipment in there- softballs, bases for the field and all that was in there and all of that was stolen,” says Jonathan Goolsby.

“The damage is quite extensive. I mean a complete piece of sheet metal had been gone through what appears by using just a tool that was there on scene- a piece of fencing, then they pried open the side of the building and then went in. You know, the damage to building is roughly about $500 dollars and they stole $1,200 dollars worth of softballs that was in a duffle bag inside,” says Chad Dininger, Carthage Police Department.

More than $15 hundred dollars that Goolsby will have to come up with to replace the equipment and fix the damages, but he says it’s not going to keep him from getting ready for next softball season. 

“I mean it ain’t going to slow us down any. I’m going to install cameras, so if something like this happens again we’ll have a little more to go on,” says Goolsby.

Since petty theft is on the rise, Officer Dininger says to always remember keep your valuables hidden and safe, and if someone does break into your car or property to file a police report.

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