Carthage Bright Futures packs food for students in need


CARTHAGE, Mo. — Volunteers and students from an local school district work hand in hand each Tuesday morning.

They’re working for children that may not have enough food to eat at home.

Consider it a kind of organized chaos.

That’s what takes place each Tuesday morning inside the Carthage Bright Futures Building.

It begins with a group of adult volunteers that are the first to arrive and make sure all the non perishables that will go into each sack are stocked up.

Nicole Backerman, Carthage Bright Futures Adult Volunteer, said, “We come in before the kids get here and get all the food stocked up, get the bags ready, get everything ready to roll so when the kids get here, they are ready to pack bags.”

Then, special ed students get picked up from the junior high and brings them to the Bright Futures facility.

Greg Spink, Carthage Bright Futures Coordinator, said, “The totes are loaded and everything is ready to go and then once we get here with the kids it’s probably a 20 to 30 minute process from the time we start to the time we’re eating donuts at the end and celebrating.”

Carlos Henley, Carthage Junior High Student, said, “You start with a juice and then and put one of everything in a bag, then you go to the table and tie it.”

The end result is roughly three hundred bags are assembled and will be given out to food insecure students from throughout the Carthage school system.

But this whole process doesn’t just help hungry kids.

Spink says all the boxes that are used in the process are taken to the Carthage Crisis Center For Recycling, and those proceeds go back into the operation of the center.

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