Carterville Route 66 repaving is nearly complete


CARTERVILLE, Mo. — The City of Carterville is nearing completion of a large project on Route 66.

The city is finishing repaving main street. The project has been in the works for more than three years and they hope it will revitalize the city.

“A small town like Carterville we don’t have a lot of business. But I do believe the business is coming and this is one way we can get it started,” said Alan Griffin, Carterville Mayor.

Last week, the City of Carterville started repaving main street. The project costs around 150 thousand dollars and starts after the Webb City limits and goes up to the state portion of road.

“This is something that we know has needed to be done. The growth is coming from Webb City. That’s inevitable if you look at east street. This is something our council and our staff have been working on at least three to four years. I’m just glad to see its come to pass,” said Griffin.

The city repaved the two way road and preserved the outer sides of the roadway with a light sealant.

“I feel like its really important. Just because its Route 66, first off. And Route 66 will be 150 years old in 2026. We just need to have a good base here,” said Griffin.

Famos Grill is at the corner of north pine and east main and hopes to see a boost in customers with the improved road.

“We think that the pavement is going to bring more people in. Carterville is a really great town and this is just going to help bring more people through. Its really going to really open 66 up on the spot a little better and we are excited about it,” said Kat Kalista, Famos Grill Manager.

The mayor says all thats left is to stripe the lines.

He expects the full project to be completed next week.

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