Carterville House Fire; Transformer Blows


House fire reported about the same time as nearby transformer blew up, causing power outage

(CARTERVILLE, Mo.) — Reported fire around 7:00 AM Thursday morning when neighbors noticed smoke and visible flames coming from beneath the trailer house in Carterville.

Transformer NW of home that blew causing an area power outage

There was also a transformer atop a nearby pole that had blown and caught fire about the same time.

We asked the obvious question, which came first? The transformer/power outage or the house fire? ‘It’s too early to tell say authorities on the scene.

Liberty Utilities are reporting an area power outage and you can see the obvious damage to the nearby transformer to this trailer house.

Webb City Fire Department, METS and Carterville Police responded along with the Carterville Fire Department. No reported injuries. 418 West Daugherty, Carterville.

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