Carterville Christian Church hosts its annual Day of Service


CARTERVILLE, Mo — Three local Churches are teaming up to lend a helping hand to those in need.

It was all part of Carterville Christian Church’s annual Day of Service.

“Its what we are called to do. We as a people whether you believe in God or not were all supposed to help each other out,” said Keith Golubski, Outreach Pastor at Carterville Christian Church.

Sixty volunteers from three local churches spent Saturday morning giving back to Carterville residents.

“People have had a lot of hard times in the last few years. Some people have lost family members. They don’t have people to help them get some of these projects done. So instead of them getting taken to court and getting a fine, now we get a chance to help our neighbors out. The best way that we can do that is to show the love of God,” said Golubski.

Volunteers from Carterville Christian Church, Carterville First Baptist Church and Community Fellowship Church worked on 8 projects throughout the city.

The group spent the morning doing yard work, fixing windows and pouring a new sidewalk for Carterville Christian Church’s Day of Service.

“This lady her son actually passed away about six months ago. She has some heart problems and she needs help getting from her ramp to the sidewalk so she can get some groceries in. The ground was real rough and uneven its just a fall hazard,” said Golubski.

The homeowner is grateful for the help.

“It just feels wonderful. And wonderful there’s people in this world that still do it, can do it. I’m just really happy to get it done,” said Karen Brill, homeowner.

Volunteers say giving back to others is satisfying.

“We love our community and we want to reach out occasionally and volunteer and do what we can to help improve peoples lives and to cheer them up and make them feel good about certain things around their house,” said Dan King, Community Fellowship Church Volunteer.

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