Carpentry students at Fort Scott Community College built and donated multiple bunk beds to a local nonprofit


FORT SCOTT, Kans. — Some Fort Scott Community College students have been busy lately with bunk beds. The beds were made at the college’s “Career and Technical Education Center” in Pittsburg — and are now in the hands of a local nonprofit.

Since this fall – carpentry students have been spending time away from their curricular projects… Building 12 bunk beds for the “Dream Big Little One Foundation.” A local nonprofit that provides families with comfortable sleeping conditions.

“Bunk beds are good because a lot of families don’t have that extra bedroom. There’s, you know, there could be multiple kids in one bedroom, sharing a bedroom, so we’ve gotta go up instead of out and so bunk beds really help us with that,” said Tess Watson – Dream Big Little One Foundation Founder.

“It was really nice. Like getting to help out with all the little things for them. Getting to put the beds together, it was nice,” said Addison Smith – Fort Scott Community College Sophomore.

While students enjoyed putting the beds together, the project hit home for Travis Broxterman — the center’s carpentry instructor.

“When we got our first foster kids, we needed bunk beds. We were able to find some friends that were able to donate a bunk bed for us. So, it’s dear to me for personal reasons also,” said Travis Broxterman – FSCC CTEC Carpentry Instructor.

While the beds are helpful, it’s the support from the community that makes the real difference.

“It’s not just about giving these kids a bunk bed, or a bed in general, it’s about letting them know that the community is here for them,” said Watson.

In Crawford County alone – the Dream Big Little One Foundation has given out 161 beds. It’s important to note that these students didn’t receive a grade on these bunk beds. They were all made out of the kindness of their hearts.

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