Carl Junction Shoe Art Contest


  “The first thing i was thinking when i thought of Missouri was the Arch.” says Carl Junction Senior Theresa Rodriguez

  Carl Junction Senior Theresa Rodriguez is in a way walking in her father’s footsteps

  “My dad has designed like shoes and stuff so like seeing his art work on shoes is inspiring me to do that too.” says Rodrriguez

   However right now this art project is for more than a hobby..

  “We were chosen to participate in the Vans “Custom Culture” shoe design competition. Basically five hundred schools are chosen and then we all submit two pairs of shoes. And students have designed the shoes and come up with the concept and then actually painted them and we mailed them back to vans and then they pick the top fifty. And we’re part of that top fifty.” says Carl Junction High School Visual Arts teacher Nellie Mitchell

   Four schools will win ten thousand dollars for their school’s art department.

  The top prize for the best designed shoes is seventy five thousand dollars and a special lunch courtesy of the shoe company.

   “It feels good honestly i didn’t think we’d make to the top fifty.” says Rodriguez

   This competition is also about spreading awarness of the importance of art education in the American school system.

    “I just think bringing awareness to how much art education can improve the lives of kids even after high school i think is important. I try to explain to my kids even if they don’t go out and become artists they might enjoy these activities as stress relief.” says Mitchell

    “Even though i’m a senior and i won’t get to experience the money or whatever put into the art department, i’m looking forward to having it for the other grades” says Rodriguez

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