Carl Junction experiences stray cat problem


An area city is experiencing a pet problem. But it’s one, local authorities say, can easily be solved.

Over the last two months, Carl Junction Police Chief Delmar Haase says his officers have been taking in ten cats for every one dog. He says that’s a problem that’s affecting the city’s bottom line, and in the long run it’s costing each town resident money.

It’s when officers pick up cats that don’t have a tag and they’re not microchipped is when the problem occurs.

“Young cats that are a few months old that are running loose and we picked up 17 cats in the past six to eight weeks which is a big number for us, unfortunately we don’t have a place to keep those so they go straight to the Humane Society and they charge us 55 dollars a cat,” says Delmar Haase.

He says that amount is what it costs to spay or neuter the cats and keep them at the Joplin Humane Society.

“The cat population is almost out of control in this area and we are full,” says Connie Andrews.

Humane Society Executive Director Connie Andrews says Carl Junction is just one of a host of area cities experiencing the same problem. Then, it becomes the shelter’s problem.

“This is a citizen turn in, we have some that owners have surrendered, we have some that come in as strays that are just looking for a home that they’re never reclaimed,” says Andrews.

Both Haase and Andrews say this problem is one that can easily be solved, by having your animals spayed or neutered.

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