Career 2.0 — Doug Osborn


CARTHAGE, Mo. — Many workers focus on their 40 hours a week.

But for one Carthage man, a big job change makes him feel like his time on the clock isn’t work at all.

Doug Osborn, Carthage, said, “You feel that this is a great thing for me and I’m going to work here until I retire.”

Just what Doug Osborn thought during his first decade at Dyno Nobel, and the second.

“It’s a factory job. It’s a very good job. It afforded me to do a number of things over the years that I couldn’t have done.”
The job is making explosives.

“It’s a really good workplace, you have a lot of friends – it’s like a family.”

But during his 24th year, Doug realized he needed a change.

“It’s not so much that the job changes – it’s that we change. But a good friend of my told me when you’re struggling so hard to stay on the right path, it might not be your path.”

He realized it might be time to act on a seed that had been planted years ago.

“I was in my early 20s when I got my first massage and I thought I can’t believe how good this made me feel just after 30 minutes … in the back of my mind I wanted to become a massage therapist.”

Doug talked his wife into moving to Fayetteville, unemployed, and going back to school.

“It was like going to the moon compared to what i was used to.”

It would take three years before he was comfortable in his new career.

“I feel like what I did was the best thing for me and I haven’t worked a day since.”

He gets to work in his hometown, in his own small business and a staff of his own.

“So now, you know, I have a wonderful building here on the square, I work with wonderful people on a daily basis.”

And he hopes others will benefit from his experience, adding change isn’t something to fear.

“It’s like, when youre at the end of your rope and you’re saying, ‘Hey I can’t do this anymore. Hey, I’ve been there. you just have to tell yourself there is other things out there that you can do.”

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