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CARL JUNCTION, Mo. — From a degree in fine arts to a leadership role in the business community, one Carl Junction woman has seen a drastic change in her work life.

Cavanaugh Studyvin is no stranger to Southwest Missouri, although she’s only lived here for a few months this time.

Cavanaugh Studyvin, CJ Chamber, said, ” I grew up in this area, but we just moved back.”

The Carthage native started her professional life using her Bachelors of Fine Arts.

“I traveled a year with children’s theater, workshops and plays in schools.”

But that lead to a big transition to something very different. She and her husband were living in New York City. The new job connected Cavanaugh with a child-centered business model.

“I worked for Kidville, it was an enrichment center. We did classes for kiddoes. Planning big events for them, we would do Halloween, Valentine’s Day and New Years eve, all of that – so I helped run that business.”

She spent seven years learning the business, with growing responsibilities. But in 2020, it was time to move home, and finding the same position wasn’t an option.

“Really my job, there isn’t anything like that around here.”

Cavanaugh started cataloging her strengths, everything from social media promotions to her theater background.

“That degree helped me. I may not be acting, I may not be a on a stage um I still love it a lot but I’m grateful what I learned in school.”

She was hired as the executive director of the Carl Junction Area Chamber of Commerce.

“There’s things about business plans and licenses that I have had to learn about, I haven’t done that before.”

And Cavanaugh adds embracing unexpected opportunities is key in a constantly changing economy.

“Don’t be afraid to take chances even on smaller jobs that you’re like I don’t really know, because it could be a stepping stone. I’ve learned been there where I’ve had stepping stone jobs, learned more skills, and learning someone’s name, leads to a friendship. Who I got to know helped me advance and find opportunities.”

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